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About Me

My views on ministry and philosophy on worship. For an understanding on my professional views, please see my home page.
Our worship should overflow and pour out of the walls we call church.

Theology of Worship

First, and foremost, I believe that worship is not something we do when we are at church on a Sunday. I believe it to be a culmination of what we do with our time in our lives. In essence, worship is a lifestyle not an event. I know everyone is saying that these days. But really, think about it. Do we contemplate His mercies every morning? When we step into our workplace each day, is the reality of His faithfulness on our minds? When we get cut off by the guy in the expensive car, do we sing His praise then? So yes, it feels cliché, but the magnitude of the importance of a life of worship is so utterly important. It is the essence of being in an intimate relationship with our Savior.

That being said, what we do when we gather, and how we do it, has a direct impact on our views of worship and our outpouring between Sundays. I do not refer to the music as the “worship” on Sundays. I call it what it is: music. Music does not define worship. If you do a word study in Scripture, you will see worship defined as many different things. We see it as adoration, sacrifice, honor, homage, praise, psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, and reverence.

With that in mind, I see worship, in the context of the gathering, as something that can (and should) engage us in other ways than just our vocal cords. We can stand or sit to communicate our posture towards our Father. We can participate physically with raised hands, activities, or art. We can be silent. We give, we grow, and we encourage one another. These are all things (among many more) that can be part of the gathering.

Along with all of that, I believe we need to be creative. We are made in the image of the Creator. He set up systems and things that never change, but He also created beauty and things that are in constant flux. We should be mirroring that creativity. All of us.

Our worship should overflow and pour out of the walls we call church. And as a result, our magnificent, amazing God gets all the glory.

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