Since finishing, I have recommended Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less to so many people.  I think there is a busyness epidemic in our current culture.  We have so many great tools to remember things that we fill every nook & cranny of time with as much as we can.  This book challenged me to Read more about Essentialism[…]

99% Invisible

99% Invisible has helped grow my passion for design and architecture and has opened my eyes to all the “little things” that go unnoticed by many.  I have such a greater appreciation for the creativity of others and their attention to detail because of this podcast.  I’ve learned how barbed wire came about and how Read more about 99% Invisible[…]

Michael Hyatt

I have gained many different leadership insights from listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast. I’ve been reminded of the value of rest. I have been encouraged to smile more and have seen how it’s impacted my mood. He has shown me what a good manager should look like. To be in that type of position, I Read more about Michael Hyatt[…]