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"As a business owner, I think Joe possesses the maturity, skills, and level of responsibility necessary to be an asset to any organization." - Jim Coburn
"Of his many abilities I most admire his character, displaying an earnest desire to always do what is right even if it is the harder choice."
- Chad Hellenthal

You’ll find that I’m honest. Integrity runs in my family. That integrity, combined with my dedication to never give less than my best, produces great results. Those results are all wrapped in one thing that drives me, regardless of what I’m doing: we can make it better. Not me. Not you. We. Collaboration and innovation are at the core of who I am. I can give you reference after reference of people who will be honest with you, but will confirm these traits.

Every organization I've worked for since I've left high school I have been regarded as one who is a leader. As one who is dedicated to the growth of that company. As one who is able to work with a team, but still keep motivated and on task when alone.

If you're looking for someone who firmly believes in growing, mentoring, dedication, innovation, and consistent results, you'll find it in me. You'll find it here.

When it comes to the technicalities of things, I am a quick learner. I learn by doing while having someone there to guide me. I enjoy teaching the same way. I have a broad experience in the different technologies listed above. While none of them are my specialty, I have a firm grasp not only on the execution of these things, but the mindset behind what can make each one great.

I love fun. I love a room full of people. One thing that can be said of my house is that there are always plenty of laughs & smiles. We like to have a good time. We love to learn. I have regained a love of learning, thanks, in part, to my children.

This new love for learning has significantly changed the course of my leadership. Below this section you can find just few resources that have influenced me. Due to my futuristic strength, I believe I can always be better. I don’t want to maintain the level of where I am now. In 2014, the awareness of my need to be less of a know-it-all and more engaged with my team & family became extremely apparent. Since then, noticeable changes have been seen by those around me, for which I am extremely grateful.

I think life, and by extension, work, should be fun. I believe we all have the duty to make it that way. I believe in getting others involved in our lives. I think we should be organized, but relaxed. I believe that culture matters.

Should you choose to add me to your organization, I believe that you won’t be disappointed. As far as I know, no one who has ever had me on their team has ever felt that way. I look to add value to those around me and to the organization. I look forward to the conversations we can have.

  • By nature, I feel a strong desire to win others over. This plays itself out in different ways, depending on the circumstances. In a customer service environment, I have seen great success in calming irate customers and promoting the company's brand and values.

  • Perhaps, this and the first go together, but I believe communication is what makes for good environments and poor ones. I believe in dealing with problems before they get out of hand. I deal with things directly. In my experience, when communications are detailed properly ahead of time, many of the major issues companies face can be avoided.

  • Everything can be a strategy. From developing a habit of checking your mirrors before opening your car door into traffic, to maximizing the efficiency of a route for delivering notices, this strength manifests itself in numerous ways. When asked about a strategy I've implemented, it's hard for me to choose one because my life is a strategy. It's the essence of how I make decisions.

  • Things can always be better. We should never be satisfied with staying where we are. Yes, we can move forward with the same principles, but the world is always changing; and so should we. I am always looking for a way we can improve our processes, communication, creativity, and products.

    I take what I do seriously. I strive to finish what I have said I would do. There is something inside me that doesn’t allow me to be satisfied until a project is complete. This doesn’t mean it needs to be perfect, but it needs to be a viable solution.